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Works on all platforms.

You can synchronize folders across almost every platform and operating system. Sync helps teams work together regardless of their system preferences.

Download Sync for any platform.

Device to device file transfer.

Use your local network

You don't need the Internet to use Sync. Sync can utilize local networks even if the Internet is down or unavailable. You can even set up a router in a place with zero internet access to share data over a private network.

16x faster

Shortest path between devices

Sync always finds the shortest path between devices when transferring data. It doesn't matter if those devices are across the room or across the globe. Sync can share files up to 16x faster than cloud services.

Don't send data around the world

With Sync, you never need to upload files to remote servers halfway around the world before sharing. Sync always uses the shortest path between devices. This saves time, especially for massive files, and makes failed uploads a thing of the past.

Intelligent synchronization.

Incremental updates

After you edit an existing file, Sync knows how to update only the parts that have changed rather than the entire file. This makes updates much faster, especially for large files.

Continuous synchronization and updating

Keep all of your shared folders up to date all the time across all devices. Updates and changes are synchronized immediately and automatically.

Accelerated transfers

As you share a folder, every additional device makes sharing faster. Instead of one server feeding updates to each device individually, you can have dozens of devices sharing the effort. This is called n-way synchronization, and it is made efficient by the BitTorrent protocol.

Pause specific folders

You can pause syncing for specific folders, or for everything at once. If you're in a situation with extremely limited connectivity you can turn off everything but the most important folders to ensure that information is synchronized as efficiently as possible.

Secure links for sharing.

Expiration deadlines

You can set expiration times for the links you create so that the link is only active for a specific amount of time. Pick your own limits, like one day or one week. If anyone tries to use the link after the period has expired, it will no longer work.

Extend private sharing to insecure messaging services

Sync provides secure links for sharing. Recipients can simply click on a link to gain access to a shared Sync folder. It’s an easy way to extend a secure sharing option to common messaging services like email and chat.

Owner approval of folder privileges

After sharing a secure link with someone, you can be notified when that link is clicked. At that point you can approve or deny access. This provides you with a final point of control and visibility over who accesses a folder.

Folder-level access controls.

Pro Change access permissions at any time

You can change permissions at any time for users with access to your advanced folders. You can even choose to revoke a user's access to future folder updates.

ProDesignate other users as owners

Assign ownership of an advanced folder to other users so they can also change permissions, revoke access, and share the folder with others.

Control permissions at the folder level

Sync lets you control access permissions on a folder-by-folder basis. For example, you can designate some advanced folders as Read Only while giving others both Read and Write permissions.

On-demand access to files.

Pro Save space with placeholder files

When 'Selective Sync' is on, Sync will create placeholder files in your filesystem that can be searched locally. Download only the files you need, when you need them, without having to replicate entire folders on every device. Placeholder files are representations of your files that can be double-clicked and downloaded locally.

Pro Access massive files when you need them

Don't want to sync the entire contents of a folder to your device? Turn on 'Selective Sync' to save space. You can choose to only sync files on-demand, when you need them.

Advanced folder settings.

ProMake content available on-demand with 'Selective Sync'

Connect a folder, but only download the content you want, when you need it. Placeholder files will be provided so that you know exactly what is available.

Disconnect folders to keep all data off of a device

Keep all of the data in a folder off of specific devices. You can choose to re-connect a folder at a later time if you want to share contents and restart synchronization.

Build your own cloud.

Personal cloud services with extra privacy

Sync can utilize your existing infrastructure and provide you with the convenience of the cloud, without the cloud. Modernize and extend a file server by installing Sync. Files and transfers are private because Sync doesn't store documents on servers owned by other companies.

Use 'Synced' to replicate everything

Devices with large amounts of storage space (NAS devices, file servers, desktops, etc.) can be set to 'Synced'. This will backup all of your Sync folders to an always-on device, providing continuous access to your files.

Protect your files

Replicating folders enhances availability and redundancy . All your files will live on at least 2 devices, mitigating against major disasters (hardware failure, fire, flood, theft, etc.)

Backup from mobile.

Keep your mobile devices backed up

Use Sync to backup photos, videos or anything else. This can protect you from losing information on a crashed or misplaced device. It's also a completely private way to move things between your mobile device and desktop without relying on a cloud service.

Preserve storage space on mobile

Storage space can get used up quickly on mobile devices, especially if you take a lot of photos and videos. Sync can easily replicate your files to your other devices.

Get even more power with Sync Pro.



Fast transfer speeds
No folder size limits
Private device to device communication
Unlimited number of folders
Save space with Selective Sync
Change folder access permissions at any time
Licensed for business use
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