Device to device.
Skip the cloud.

Fast, private file sharing for teams and individuals.

16X faster than the cloud.

The shortest path between devices.

Sync uses local networks when available, and cuts out needless round trips through servers in the cloud.

Synchronize only what has changed. Not entire files.

Instead of moving an entire file every time it is updated, Sync incrementally updates only the pieces of a file that have changed.

Huge files. Unlimited sharing capacity.

No folder size limits. The bigger the better.

10 GB? 100 GB? No problem. Easily move massive multi-terabyte folders.

Sync and share absolutely everything.

Putting all of your stuff in the cloud is impractical. Sync shares everything from existing folders without uploading huge files to the cloud.

Truly Private.

Your information is never stored on servers in the cloud.

Your files and personal identity are only stored locally on the devices you authorize, never in the cloud. Your identity can never be correlated to the data you share with Sync.

No accounts. No passwords. No cloud vulnerability.

Cloud services are attractive to hackers because user account information is centralized. Sync uses distributed cryptographic security so there is no central target for attacks.

Get even more power with Sync Pro.



Fast transfer speeds
No folder size limits
Private device to device communication
Unlimited number of folders
Save space with on-demand access
Change folder access permissions at any time
Licensed for business use
Pro support
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